Who am I and what do I do?

I am a Kent-based freelance writer and photographer who specialises in producing written and photographic copy for small to medium sized businesses.

I have written promotional material for exhibitions and social events, travel and lifestyle pieces, product reviews, sales guides, and historical research articles.

As a photographer I have covered live events, provided the illustrations for my own articles, and was commissioned to photograph the stock for on online store.

I'm happy to consider one off commissions or larger projects, either written, photographic, or a mixture of both. If you have something in mind and think I might be able to help feel free to contact me.

In my spare time I enjoy whizzing around the country lanes of Kent on my lovely steel frame road bike.

Why should you hire me? Well here’s a few good reasons

Punchy Copy

Punchy, attention grabbing copy acts like a magnet, attracting valuable traffic to your website. I have experience in producing knowledgeable, detailed and witty content for a variety of clients, and have written for several journals and magazines, as well as online. Click on my ‘Writing’ page for some examples.

Eye-catching Reviews

Reviews count, they can make or break a product or event. While you can’t control what others write, a good in-house reviewer can help steer potential customers in the right direction for your business. I have produced review copy for several exhibitions and industry sales conferences. Head over to my ‘Writing’ page for some examples.

Insightful Research

Sloppy research can seriously damage your brand image. When a client commissions a piece they should feel confident that all the facts have been checked, and any conclusions are accurate. I understand the importance of getting things right the first time, while still producing something readable and informative. Swing by my ‘Writing’ page for some examples.

Eye-Popping Photography

Words still count, but the online world is becoming increasingly visual. I am a keen photographer and photo editor and can save you the extra time and expense of sourcing pictures to illustrate any written copy I produce. And if you’re staging an event and need some professional and eye-catching images for your social media, why not give me a call. Check out my ‘Photography’ page if you want to see some examples.

Web Savvy

Wouldn’t it be nice if the person producing the content for your website was also able to take care of all the fiddly online bits. Well, you’re in luck. I have ample experience working in the back end of WordPress and Drupal powered websites, uploading my own work, and editing other people’s. I even run my own WordPress blog.

What people have said about me

The photographs Ben took for my one-man show, ‘Lady Bracknell’s Confinement,’ were just terrific, beautifully atmospheric, perfectly theatrical, and extremely well judged for marketing purposes. I can’t recommend him enough.

Paul Doust, Playwright, Actor, Director

Ben did us proud at HopFestFringe, getting some truly fantastic shots in often less than optimum lighting levels.

Ribs Norman, Co-Founder, HopFestFringe

“Ben’s writing has a fantastic energy and wit that works a treat for our brand.”

Caz Nicklin, Founder, Cyclechic.co.uk

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